Fun Facts and Stuff

Below is a list fun facts about me, and some other stuff.

  • I prefer odd numbers to even numbers.
  • I am prejudice towards blue ink–I prefer black. (It’s a left-handed thing.)
  • I’m left handed.
  • I start many conversation with the word “So…”
  • I’m told I have an evil laugh.
  • On more than one occasion I’ve yelled at someone else by saying, “Nicole!” (The people were not named Nicole.)
  • I had my cousin convinced that I really thought I was an alien from the planet Venison.
  • I took guitar lessons for four years, and was actually pretty good. I played the blues, and my dream at the time was to be the opening act for Jonny Lang. Then I went to law school and forgot about the guitar.
  • I danced at a law school gala next to two of New Jersey’s past four governors. Bet you can’t guess which two. (Side note: I’ve met all of New Jersey’s last four governors.)
  • I have a fear of mirrors doing things that mirrors ought not be doing, and cannot have a mirror in my bedroom. One of my short stories was inspired by this fear.
  • I once worked at a place called Fuzzy’s Family Fun Factory.
  • “Brave New World” is the only book I read cover to cover in high school. And “The Great Gatsby” is the only other book I read at least 90% of in high school (I read everything except the second chapter).
  • Since graduating high school, I have read every book I was supposed to read in high school. (Don’t be lazy like I was kids. Read the books while in high school.)
  • Junior year of high school I was on the Science League Chemistry Team. I took top score in three out of five competitions.
  • I swear I saw a mountain lion walking through the parking lot of my apartment in Bloomfield.
  • My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth rules!
  • I always text in complete sentences with full punctuation.
  • I have a fear of singing in front of people; however, I recently stared in a community theatre musical.

This is a picture of my dad swiming off the cost of Australia somewhere. I used this picture on the invitations for his 60th birthday party. Isn’t it hilarious!dad

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