Blood of Esta – Chapter Two

I’m so happy with the new edits that I’m going to post Chapter Two also. Enjoy.


Chapter Two

Jax, Earon, and the ancient monk, Nalo, waited for me in the wood-paneled council room the next morning.

“We sent some of our brothers back to Weston, and to other villages close by to see if they can uncover anything else,” Earon said. “Jackson’s informed us that he sent word to the Emperor in Norberg and asked for a sky-train to expedite your trip. We think it’s best if you continue towards Leayone and see if you can pick up any new information until the sky-train arrives.”

A small door on the south side of the room opened. Warm air blew into the room, carrying on it the scents of lilacs and violets. A third monk entered, followed by Hunter. She wore light-weight, leather armor similar to what Jax and I wore, but modified to fit a woman’s curves—and she had curves. The tight leather molded around her large breasts and shapely hips. She had the thick arms and legs of a warrior, but at only two or three inches over five feet tall, she seemed too small to handle the long sword she had sheathed to her back. She glanced at me with her large, round eyes as she approached. I ran an unsteady hand through my own dark-brown hair.  Continue reading Blood of Esta – Chapter Two

Blood of Esta: Chapter One

I was finally able to get Blood of Esta professionally edited from beginning to end by author, university Dean and writing instructor, Mark Spencer. (Thanks Mark!) He gave me great feedback and editorial suggestions. I think the manuscript is finally ready to go out into the world so I’ve decided to post the prologue and first chapter. Enjoy.




N. M. Carrara

Thirty Years Earlier

Montivi, Sansolo

Rayina Esta’s hair, once an iridescent red and black, clung to her hollow cheeks. She looked down at the newborn cradled in her wasted arms. The blue-grey light of the approaching dawn illuminated the child’s face. It was still slick with afterbirth, having been pulled from Rayina’s dying womb only a moment before. Her time on this earth was ending. The whispers of the Earth had told her so months ago. The moment the Mietmoda had succeeded in killing all other members of her race, Rayina knew she too would die. But she fought with all of her power to keep the essence of her soul inside her dying body long enough to hold her baby girl one time.  Continue reading Blood of Esta: Chapter One