The Gilded Mirror: A Short Story

Below is another short story titled, THE GILDED MIRROR. This one was inspired by my fear of mirrors doing things that mirrors ought not be doing. Enjoy.



By N. M. Carrara

She stared at the enormous mirror opposite her bridal bed, terrified. A wedding present from one of her new cousins-in-law, it took up most of the wall, was gilded and ornamented in the corners with actual rubies. Any modern-day socialite would kill to have a piece like this in her house. In fact, a replica of this particular mirror had recently graced the cover of one of the more prestigious home and garden magazines. But instead of dancing with delight at having such an enviable object in her new home, the no-longer-blushing bride stood frozen in silent horror in front of what she considered to be a monstrosity.

Any minute now her new husband would enter the bedroom, eager to consummate their marriage on their new king-size bed in their new master suite in their new house. The house was also a gift, given to them by her father and his third wife. Her husband had carried her over the threshold barely an hour ago. They had toured the Victorian-style mansion from the ground up. It was fully furnished with even more gifts from their relatives. Each room could have been on the cover of a magazine.  Continue reading The Gilded Mirror: A Short Story

Pandora’s Box: A Short Story

Below is a short story that I wrote two years ago titled, PANDORA’S BOX. It’s a 3,750 word paranormal fantasy about a regular guy looking for meaning for his mundane life. Enjoy

Update 3/27/14: This story is currently on submission so I have removed the second half of the story.



by, N. M. Carrara

Adam Gorman sat at a tiny table in the café of the bookstore where he worked. Fifty years old, he had never married, had no children, no siblings and both of his parents had passed away years ago. He reflected back on his humdrum life—as he did most days during his lunch break—and saw nothing but one failure after another. He’d gone to college, majored in journalism, and after graduation, had taken the job at the bookstore part-time so he could pursue a career as a freelance journalist. But then never had the courage to actually go out into the world to hunt the good stories. Instead he took shelter in the safety of his boring life and now he was sipping lukewarm coffee, staring hopelessly at the back of a magazine, wracking his brain for some way to escape—for some interesting thing to happen to him.  Continue reading Pandora’s Box: A Short Story