Welcome to N. M. Carrara’s New Blog

My laptop wallpaperWelcome to my new blog. On here I’ll be posting updates and information about the three main areas of my life: Writing, The Legal Profession, and Cheerleading. An unusual trio, I know. I’m and attorney and cheerleading coach by profession (I actually get paid to coach cheerleading), and a few years back I decided to add “aspiring author” to my list of things I’d like to be when I grow up. I’m working on getting my first novel published (you’ll learn a lot more about it in later posts), and I’ll be using this blog to share my life with the five of you who happen to want to read about it.

(Fun Fact: One day I got really bored in law school and painted the picture above using MS Paint. It’s been my laptop wallpaper for almost 10 years now.)

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